Planar Vault as Stereotomic Object about Berlin, 2013

Submission for "Out of Balance Information Design Competition" by ARCH+
Proposed by Paramodular: Steve Form, Miguel Prados Sánchez, Anna Kostreva, Diana Bico, directed by Luis Berríos-Negrón

Parametric distribution of cultural tectonics of Berlin as an flat vault of interdependent modules.




Detail Panel 1.


Panel 1. Drawn Analysis of demographic and distribution of cultural agencies, self-organized, public and private, in Berlin, pencil, ink, and ink-jet print.


Detail Panel 2.


Panel 2. Study of potential interdependent masonry units to be used. 3d modeled, CNC-carved formwork, and concerte molding. Pencil drawing and photo collage.


Panel 3. Plan and transversal section of proposed flar vault structure. Hand drawn ink, over pencil, over ink-jet print.


Detail Panel 4.


Panel 4. Collage of proposed installation of vault at HKW.